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Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Great service, perfect product.

It was so easy to order online, and delivery was very quick. My backdrop is absolutely perfect, and this minimal concrete design is just ideal for displaying my cakes. Thank you.
— Danielle
Customer reviews
I am so impressed with these vinyls! I've had them for 3 months now and not one stain, not one crease and so easy to store (rolled up in a tube). Totally recommend!
— Katy Ferguson, KFerg Studio
repeated bottled of zara perfume on vinyl backdrop by CM Props & Backdrops
Customer reviews
I'm obsessed with this backdrop! The colour is so bold and luxurious, and the texture reminds me of crushed velvet. This backdrop is definitely a way to make a statement - perfect for displaying bold dishes like this one and it's also vinyl so easy to clean up.
— Olivia Moore, That Green Olive
Moroccon meal with orange napkins nd green backdrop by CM Props & Backdrops
Customer reviews
Backdrops are amazing!! They are easy to clean, realistic looking and really well made. A game changer for me (I'm a cake maker). I highly recommend Catherine and her service.
— Ekaterina Sumarokova
decorated cake on light grey backdrops by CM Props & Backdrops
Customer reviews
The Midnight Blue Concrete backdrop has just the right amount of texture and I love the blue tones for food photography. Amazing quality and so glad to be able to buy NZ made. Thanks a million!
— @billiebrookcommercial
tacos on a board, presented on dark blue backdrop by CM Props & Backdrops
Customer reviews
Love love love! This backdrop took our recent campaign shoot to the next level by creating a classy and expensive looking marble backdrop that can easily be switched out if needed. SO much easier than trying to organise a marble bench top. I highly recommend this product to business owners who often shoot campaign images for their products. The quality of this product is amazing!
— Celebration Box
display of products from gift basket on white marble backdrop by CM Props & Backdrops
Customer reviews
We used this backdrop for one of our shoots and it looked amazing! It's so easy to swap out backdrops and create a fun and colourful look. Highly recommend to any business owners for who product shoots.
— Hello & Cookie
six iced cookies on pink backdrop by CM Props & Backdrops
Customer reviews
Great product, great customer service
I've been trialling this large vinyl backdrop (2.75 x 5m) for a couple of months now and I'm very impressed. I recently fitted it to a Nanlite motorised backdrop roller. I was a little concerned it may be too heavy for the motor at first. This is not the case and it works really well.
What has impressed me most is the ability to clean any marks off the backdrop, not possible with paper backdrops. Being waterproof splashing water around for a shoot is a real bonus. Any creases that may form just drop out very quickly. It's durability means you only ever buy one and I expect to get years of use from this product.
I'm a very happy customer
— Nicolas C