HOW TO: Use an acrylic tile to up your product photography game.

Acrylic tiles
are a versatile tool that can elevate your product photography to the next level. Here are 5 innovative ways to use acrylic tiles to capture interesting angles and shadows in your photos 🤩

HOW TO: Elevate your visual content with product risers, the essential photography prop.

Platforms and blocks, known in product photography as risers are not just mere props; they are tools that can transform your product photography from basic to stunning. So read on for 5 ways to make a difference with these versatile props 🤩

HOW TO: Improve your SEO with well-crafted photos.

In today's digital age, visuals are becoming increasingly important in SEO. In fact, studies have shown that articles with images receive 94% more views than those without 🤔

HOW TO: Change Your Backdrop Colour

If you find yourself pondering which colour backdrop to invest in, look no further than the versatile mid grey backdrop. 🙌

HOW TO: Understand Lighting in Photography

examples of different lighting techniques for visual effect in photography

Correct lighting is key to a great photo but understanding how to set up the perfect lighting with the tools you have can be a challenge. 💡

HOW TO: Photograph Jewellery- Equipment

examples of jewellery photos

Jewellery photography can be a challenging task, but with the right equipment, lighting, and tips, anyone can create stunning images. 💍


HOW TO: Choose a Backdrop for Food Photography

examples of food photography using CM Props & Backdrops vinyl backdrops

Creating Delicious Visual Delights: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Backdrops for Food Photography

HOW TO: Elevate Your Product Photography with Reflections

examples of product photos using reflectionsTransform your product photos from ordinary to extraordinary with one simple trick: reflections! 💫

HOW TO: Set up Two Backdrops #1

examples of using two backdrops for a surface and wall📸 Turn any space into the room of your dreams! 🪴

HOW TO: Set up Two Backdrops #2

examples of using two backdrops for a product photo scene by CM Props & Backdrops
Separation between backdrop and product is a great way to get more blur in the background. 👍

HOW TO: Set up Flatlays

behind the scenes set up of flat lay photo and finished image

Looking for a simple yet stunning way to showcase your favorite products? Look no further than the classic flat lay! ✨

HOW TO: Set up a Seamless Look

set up seamless look product photo at homeYou only need one backdrop and it creates a clean look where visual attention is placed squarely where it belongs: on your product!