The Back Story


Catherine Main founder of CM Props & Backdrops



Looking back, travelling to New Zealand for a 'year out' as a young physiotherapist, and then settling here, should have been the biggest decision of my life, but the climate, the people and the lifestyle took a hold of me and once kids came into the mix, well, who wouldn't want to settle in this glorious country!

But stopping physio and calling myself a photographer instead took me years and I still don't know what to call myself as a 'maker of backdrops', I don't think there is a concise word for it! None the less that is what I've become. In 2019, after finding  a passion in food photography, and really struggled to get high quality backdrops in New Zealand, I founded CM Backdrops: If I couldn't find a local, quality vinyl backdrop supplier, I'd become one myself!

Photographing and printing my own designs has become such a passion, combining my love of photography and digital design, with my drive to provide this beautiful country with the photography supplies it has long been lacking.

Developments in 2022 led to a name change to CM Props & Backdrops with the product range growing to include a carefully curated supply of New Zealand made props for product photography and larger backdrops for portrait photographers. 

 "I'm always excited to discuss your photography needs and backdrop specifications. Take the headache out of your decisions and start creating amazing images with ease today!"- Catherine, Founder