home made lightbox with skin care product

There are so many options for getting optimal lighting in cost effective ways when you have a studio at home.

  • In just 10 minutes and minimal expenditure it is possible to have a small lightbox set up for product photography. Here is a box I made one evening using a cardboard box, two bedside lamps, some sheer material, and a backdrop.

  • Using white foam core board you can make another type of mini studio. Score one side and you will be able to fold it and stand it up either side of your product, so it bounces light around the scene.

using CM Props & Backdrops light cone for jewellery photography
  • Using a light cone is a fantastic way to get light bouncing all around your product, reducing shadows and evening out glare and reflective spots.  Perfect for jewllery and small products made of glass and metal.
Other cheap kit that I often make use of:

1. Black foam core board to reduce glaring highlights and give a moody look.

2. Blu-tac, masking tape and clamps- something always needs fixing in place!

4. A phone camera (ok so phones are not cheap, but they can take great photos when used properly and are often the cheaper option than buying a camera!)

July 01, 2021 — Cat Main