Capturing stunning product and food photos doesn't require fancy equipment or a professional studio. All you need is a backdrop and a big window!

1. Basic set up Find a position near a large window or door, out of direct sunlight is preferable to stop hard shadows. Decide which backdrop to use as a table surface and back wall surface. Sometimes you may want to scoop the backdrop up at the back so it forms a continuous background.

 2. Manipulate the light Reassess the amount of light that is coming into you scene and lighting your product. You may want to soften some shadows, which can be done by either putting a diffusing screen in between the light source and the scene (purpose built diffuser or sheer/shower curtain), or bouncing light into the shadows with a reflector on the opposite side of the light source (purpose built or a white foam core board). Sometimes there is too much light, and black foam core can be really useful at blocking excess light.

 3. Take lots of photos Take different angles, change the lighting, change the settings, play around and have fun! 



July 01, 2021 — Louisa Currie