headshot set up on location by Catherine Main Photography

Are you are setting up a studio and want to know whether to purchase paper rolls or a vinyl backdrop? Or maybe you have a studio set up but find you go through lots of paper backdrops, is there a more permanent solution? Here is  a comparison of between paper tools and our CM Props & Backdrops studio backdrops:


  • Gives a matte finish and a nice clean block of colour with many options to choose from.
  • Is rolled out for a seamless look, but will get easily damaged when walked on.
  • Needs to be stored on a sturdy roller system for safe storage, as they are heavy and can get damaged if moved with each shoot.
  • Due to the weight of the rolls and the ease of creasing paper it is not recommended for mobile/on location studios.
  • Can get costly in the long run as the paper on the floor gets damaged easily. More needs to be rolled out each shoot
  • Although the most popular colour for seamless paper is white, there are many options to choose from and this is great for variety and for new studios that want to try out different colours and tones.


  • This is a matte material, the most popular option being white.
  • It is easy to clean and far more durable than paper. 
  • Because of its durability, it is sold in sheets that are designed to be reused. It is therefore generally lighter in weight than the paper rolls and perfect for a mobile studios and will survive being packed up and stored after each shoot.
  • As it is lighter weight than a new paper roll it does not need to be stored or hung on such a solid roller system. It can be clamped to a backdrop stand or taped to a wall.
  • It can be printed with design such as wood or concrete. 
  • It can be cut to the size you need for your particular space.
  • Our PVC has a micro woven texture which helps maintain a matte appearance when printed on. It is black on the reverse. (Large Plain PVC Backdrop).
PVC Free Material, Block Colour:
  • These behave like PVC so have all the advantages listed above but are actually made from a robust PVC free material.
  • Crease resistant, fade resistant, gorgeous matte, even colour.
  • A wide range of neutral colours available, perfect for portraits.
  • To see the range visit Large Block Colour Portrait Backdrop.
    May 24, 2023 — Catherine Main