Platforms and blocks, known in product photography as risers are not just mere props; they are tools that can transform your product photography from basic to stunning. In this comprehensive guide tailored for content creators and e-commerce business owners, we will delve into the world of photography props, specifically risers and how they can be used can to create stunning visuals that increase brand authority and captivate audiences. So read on for 5 ways to make a difference with these versatile props.

  • Make a hero of your product
  • Support your product to show the essential aspects
  • Use geometric lines to create depth and interest and invoke emotions
  • Add layers to a flatlay
  • Create a visual journey or focal point for products that could get lost in a busy setting



A low camera angle and wooden riser prop combine to produce this authoritative product pricture.

By placing your product on a riser and lowering the angle of your camera, you create what is known as a hero shot, making your product seems larger, your branding more prominent and your brand name more authoritative. This presentation creates a luxury appeal that may not be felt from other angles. 



Geometric shapes used to support a tall product, allowing it to lean towards the the shorter product, equalising their stature.

By using risers to support your products you can ensure their key aspects are visible, the brand name is not lost and their most attractive angle is captured. This is particularly useful if you have small products or sets of products that you would like to display together. If they are different sizes or shapes they may benefit from the support of risers to create a cohesive scene.


A collection of Jesmonite risers with curved lines which can be utilised to promote feelings of harmony and unity.

Risers add geometric lines which add interest but do not overpower the visual impact of your product. You can use the power of specific shapes to give an added dimension to your product. For example squares and rectangles evoke feelings of stability and balance, whereas circles promote feelings of harmony and unity. 

Simple flat lay photo of earrings. By using a small geometric prop they are brought towards the camera and are shown to be more important than the petals.

Flat lays are by nature one dimensional, neat and organised and is a popular angle for product photography. However you will sometimes need to add dimension to raise up particular products, especially if they are small and get lost in the scene. This technique can equal out the importance of a group of products of different sizes.

The circle prop in the foreground directs your eyes to the three stone steps created by the quarts risers, ending the visual journey at the products themselves.

Our eyes love going on a visual journey, intrigue and a story. By using risers you can add layers to the scene, a direction for eyes to follow and a focal point to settle on, giving a pleasing aesthetic journey.

April 28, 2024 — Catherine Main