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The quality of images that we put online nowadays really matters. Whatever item we are showcasing needs to be the hero of the shot so customers gush over the image and want to have what they see. 

When backgrounds are uncluttered and compliment the idea and emotion behind the scene you can easily create fantastic pictures that draw the viewer in, making them want to see more. 

Having great trouble finding a quality vinyl backdrop supplier in New Zealand led to the creation of CM Backdrops and creating these beautiful designs has become a passion in its own right.

Here you will find a wide variety of designs and styles to suit your needs. Whether shooting in a studio, at home, in a shop or a kitchen, you will really appreciate the beauty, versatility and durability of these backgrounds: An essential addition to enhance your images.


Catherine Main


Catherine is the creator of CM Backdrops.

She is always excited to discuss your photography needs and backdrop specifications. Take the headache out of your decisions and start creating amazing images with ease today!