• Standard backdrops are 60 x 90cm sheets of printed vinyl but they come in a variety of larger sizes, up to 1.2m wide.
• The PVC material is 200gsm, anti-curl and anticrease, making the perfect material for a photography backdrop. You need it to be sturdy enough that you can move items around without the backdrop folding or crinkling as you do so.
• It provides a durable, low-sheen, matte and waterproof finish.
• It is thick enough that it can be hung as a background, without light coming through, so you do not have to deal with unnecessary shadows and distractions in your photos.
•Please enquire about larger backdrops, designed for hanging. These are PVC with a slight textured finish, perfect for portrait photography. These are plain white on one side and grey on the reverse and can have eyelets added. 10 day dispatch. 
June 07, 2021 — Louisa Currie